What is BenjiLock TSA?
BenjiLock TSA is a Fingerprint TSA Travel Lock (Travel Sentry® Approved).  

Is BenjiLock TSA approved?
Yes. This current version of BenjiLock is TSA approved. The patented technology of BenjiLock is the first of its kind accepted by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), so if the users' luggage has to be opened by security, it can then be returned by keeping its valuables safe and secured during its trip. We are living in an instant gratification world and need everything now, easy and convenient. The BenjiLock Fingerprint Travel Lock is all of that and more.

Where can I use my BenjiLock TSA?
BenjiLock TSA is ideal to use while traveling for work or for your dream vacation! However, you’re more than welcome to use it at the gym, school, college or workplace.  

How many users can BenjiLock TSA store?
Your BenjiLock TSA can store up to 5 multiple users.  

Does the BenjiLock TSA comes with keys?
Your BenjiLock TSA does not provide keys. Only the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) can open this lock.

Do I need to attach BenjiLock TSA to my computer during the setup process?
No. You do not need a computer or a smartphone to setup your device.  

Do I need a Wi-Fi connection to setup my BenjiLock TSA?
No. You do not need a Wi-Fi connection to setup your BenjiLock.  

How can I get help with the setup of my BenjiLock TSA?
We’re here for you! You're more than welcome to visit our YouTube channel to learn how to setup your BenjiLock TSA, visit our support site or reach our toll free-number 1-833-252-3654 Monday through Friday 7:00AM to 4:00PM PT.

How long does the BenjiLock TSA battery last?
Based on the amount of usage per day, your BenjiLock TSA can last 6 months to a year on a single charge.  

How long does the battery of the BenjiLock TSA takes to recharge?
Your BenjiLock TSA includes a fully built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and comes partially charged. However, on an empty level, it could take a maximum of 3 hours for a battery to fully recharge. 

I just received my BenjiLock TSA and it doesn’t wake up when I put my finger on it?
Your BenjiLock TSA comes partially charged, however, it is recommended to fully charge your lock with the included Micro-USB cable.

How do I know if my BenjiLock TSA is charged?
Your BenjiLock TSA will show red if it’s in need of more charge and blue when it’s fully charged.  

What do the blue lights around my BenjiLock TSA mean? 
When your BenjiLock TSA is in programming mode, the blue lights will rotate on the front in a wheel pattern.  

Does the BenjiLock TSA uses Bluetooth?
No. BenjiLock does not operate through Bluetooth and does not require a mobile application or an app for functionality.  

For more information, support and warranty, please visit BenjiLock.care.